Tech2000  Laser Collimators

"I thought I had it right... till I used your laser!"

  • Because alignment is CRITICAL to sharp images,  laser telescope collimators provide superior mirror alignment fast and easy for Dobsonians,  all other Newtonians!

  • Class IIIa low-power lasers are safer, yet throw a spot easily visible for daytime use.

  • Also lets the user check or adjust the accurate perpendicularity of the secondary and the focuser to the optic axis ... very important!

About T2K Laser Collimators...

  • An industry first - this unit comes with the cradle and key to verify accuracy so you KNOW ITS RIGHT!  No competitive model provides this verify feature.  You can even set it to perfectly match your own focal-length.  Well, after all - this is TECH2000!

  • Precision machined & polished aircraft grade aluminum with a 4mw 650nm ruby red solid-state laser. The convenient unit weighs only 5 oz!

  • Fits 1-1/4" focusers and 2" adapters.  Features a longer barrel than others for improved accuracy & ease of use.

  • Includes batteries, clear showcase, full instructions, one year warranty, and a money back guarantee.

1-1/4" - $89