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April 2013 Pre-Release:  BoomBa™ Portable HD Sound System On Steroids... "Lets Get Blasted"
  Not a Roomba... A BoomBa... these won't vacuum your carpet but they WILL blow the dust right off your shirt!
These are an example of "A Boom-Box On Steroids".  Grab-And-Go's like these are used at events and promotions as well as DJ outdoor and private parties/tailgate, clubs, PA public-speaking. Selling before at $4000, we are developing a $1000 version that is much more appropriate for personal ownership and smaller outfits. New version you select a deep-cycle 12v battery from your local stores and install it, we provide the charger, spare cig-lighter jacks, microphone, and a cord to any audio device player you already have (ie-any headphone jack you have will run this).

  CAUTION:  Do not sit directly in front of these things if you are a creature possessing eardrums... there is a kill-zone perimeter.
48"Wide x 26" Tall x 17" Thick.  Front pull-handle lifts for easy rolling with only 5-10 Lb effort.
Inquiries call Techni-Digital Design, Inc. 419-465-2484

Jun 2012: AstroStation debut at SkyTour 2012.
After many months of work in development and agreement papers the patent rights were finally assigned to Tech2000 USA. So we became more serious and produced this example of "An Eyepice Case On Steroids".  These 'Grab-And-Go's' will likely be released in two flavors...
A smaller 'flight-ready' case for airline carry-on travel of precious small telescopes and accessories (for example - a PST solarscope or Tak90, and the attending valuables for a flight to global solar events without concern over baggage-check loss etc.).  Cool beans.
And a much larger 'field-case' like the one shown here next to Dave Masters and the first customers' C11.  This large case has the optional 'Deluxe Occular Console' drop-in module that can be shifted to many positions to allow varied packing of all the other important 'stuff' that people carry.  The occular console drop-in has 5 of the 2" and 5 of the 1-1/4" occular stow cradles and then lights/heaters/batteries/plugs/ charger... and even a Hi-Def stereo!  Carried in the case directly is normal, but also removable in 5 seconds or carried as a separate table-setting unit.  It should show up sooner or later at

Did you know? Paul the machinist at Tech2000 is not just an avid astronomy enthusiast, but also an expert RC aircraft modeler/pilot. Best we got in this club. And FBI came and checked him out with research questions after 911 (they are on the ball).  If I could only find that great pic I had in flight, of the witch on the broom he made. Yep... he made a flying witch and put a big gas engine in it - and it lookes just like the bad one in 'Wizard of Oz'.  Life-size flying over the countryside (remember the 'bad sound' music soundtrack?).  But he says she is difficult (she... he named her 'Flossy'), like flying the space shuttle (one of our customers is a space shuttle landing trainer pilot) and its like trying to fly a brick -- there is no glide-path!  You lose engine, and you lose trajectory, powered landing approach only.
SURRENDER DOROTHY ' can't be writ he says.

Ghost Riders In The Sky?  Cheese table for Gods?  Have you ever seen clouds like these?  June 29, 2012 at Area-51 in Ohio I shot some images of these clouds where several other observers noted (astoundingly!) that, like myself, we had never seen such behavior in cloud decks before, even though most of us observing had been looking at weather-sky for lifetimes up to 60 years.  Could it be some influence from the high-frequency magnetic generators we have been working on at AREA-51?  I have no clue, but dang I'm curious.  An alien looking cloud formation.  We expected 'somethings' to come flying out of the cheeze holes -- like in the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind".  Image is in GIF so you should click it to get the high-res view (and size the browser view).
It's a must see rarity!  -Masters

Late Winter 2011  X-Calibur device rolls out in power-play.
The high-frequency swept magnetic-field generator under contract to Ascension Energy has been updated and productionized into this form shown.  It is a hard to grasp concept that involves the reconstruction of DNA 'telomeres' that are in control of cellular replication.  Very like a zipper that you can't get started when you zip your jacket, if the starting is not correct -- then the rest of the zipper will not be correct either.  This problem becomes more prevalent with age, and cells cannot replicate as well... a primary marker of age is the short DNA telomere that makes for enzyme trouble on the unzipping/rezipping.
  The client books it as primarily a 're-set' function of cellular behavior, the 'subject culture' being within this emanation field surrounding it (spherical-like shape about 1-meter radius but somewhat extending out to a 10-meter radius with the field quite detectable at that distance but not as in radio emission for distances that would otherwise travel blocks or miles given the power committed to the primary element located about 2/3 up in the tube shown in this picture).
We have shipped to some impressive clients of theirs (Ascension Energy) across the globe including Dubai in the United Arab Emirates... to building developers whom have designed and constructed some of the tallest syscrapers on the planet.  Open-minded as they are they forsee potential to include devices like this one in Penthouse accomodations.  Maybe Donald Trump should pay attention too.
My own view of this project was somewhat pensive, until after I shipped the first high-power unit, and noticed my thumbnail was repaired (after 25 years hiding my horribly-damaged ugly thumbnail I noticed it was growing suddenly perfectly, measured it from the cuticle, and found the new perfect growth co-incided exactly at the time I was developing the first unit at the higher power level before shipment!).  So I was skeptic then (it's just another cutting edge engineering job) ... but not any more.
Our client will sell you one at
for a few grand.
More interesting is
  about the age-reversal potential and supressed technology background with a video of stuff we created here at AREA-51.  I'm on the Master-Amino-Acid Program myself right now as a result of my experiences developing these technologies for the client.  It's bizzare but true, and now I know I have results.  Need more fundamental clinical research ($$$) to find out why cell-regeneration occurs in these fields.

Oct 2011 - Shipped our first Wind Turbine

Jan 2011 - Structural Integrity Corp.
EM treatment machine/apparatus contract granted. High frequency and high intensity magnetic field gradient generator. Manipulates electron spins at the atomic level. Early bio-physics work since the 70's and recent engineering prototypes yield indications that this technology has potential to extend vigor and lifespan in complex multicellular organisms. Expected to yield whole-body results by strengthening and then extending the field across the larger Human body scales, re. the lengthening of the telomere... the tips of DNA chains (the start point for unzipping and re-zipping DNA in cellular mitosis or cell replication).  Said telomeres are known aging markers, and shorten (fray) each time a cell replicates, until cells can no longer make copies correctly and the organ eventually produces faulty weak-function cells, or maverick cells from enzymatic key failures (such as liver cells suddenly appearing in neck tissue with the commensurate increase in replication rate - such behaviors could be considered cancerous). The more powerful units will be sold only to treatment centers, however a home use version is planned for a follow-on. Further links will be made available if the client permits open market release and public-domain web pages appear.

Aug 2010 - Lockheed/Martin Aerospace Corporation.
  Large 3-axis ortho mounts for heavy payloads in roll/pitch/yaw attitude under development & fabrication. Further information is on need-to-know basis only as this is a rated contract and in the matter of national defense.

Jul 2010 - Astro-Station
is in development.  Patent granted.  An astronomy field-case with serious robust features for 'Grab-And-Go' field-work useful to a wide variety of amateur astronomers.

Muscles or Madness?  Brain vs. Brawn?
            Come Grapple With Me.

Dave Does Direct Dutiful Derring-Doo Dealing Dangerous Device...

  Well there is that fairly-recent knowledge of the dark-matter conglomeration dubbed "The Great Attractor", pulling our galaxy (and others nearby), toward -- "whatever".

  On a project involving mid-energy extra-high-frequency magnetic exciter tubes, we had a photo-opportunity to capture Dave in close proximity while making an adjustment.  He has thick lab gloves on, but we noticed you can see right through them to bones.

  He said "It's all about induction heating. You have to understand, that placing your braincase in such close proximity to the resonator (the brighter object between his chin and right elbow in this photo), for any longer period of time, is akin to sticking your head in a microwave oven... you just make sure you don't bypass the door power-cut switch".

  Don't do this at home folks... (just in case you happen to have an XC3 exciter tube assembly lounging in your garage).  Because Dave designed it and the drive for it, he knew when the cycle was at low ebb and then stepped in for this exposure.

  Dave says it's like curiosity in science.  That too can be a "Great Attractor".  But then he is likely to next quote Mellville... "Unto my last gasp -- I shall grapple -- with thee."  Or while just talking during the photo he said "like a mountain climber or popping a can of soda - it is only the compress/decomp focus cycles that make it interesting - that's how our brains work - its why we get anxious or excited when a storm approaches - ENJOY!"

Jan - 2010 Weird-Ray-Reporting
Thierry R. in France submitted an image of an unusual frame of daysky through a telescope and requested activating AREA-51 for it.  Seeming to depict a very unusual cloud formation with 3d relief that is more indicative of a physical object than it is a cloud.  Just an interesting image capture in our opinion (Lenticular cloud formations are not all that common in 1x visuals, let alone telescopic image rarity, but they do occur and have been recognized as such by weather reporting trainers).  At least this image is on record and it is actually a good one!  The original image does have more of the 3D relief visible and that depends on your monitor depth and brightness controls etc.  A trained eye is required for these types of anomaly.