Tech2000 "AstroStation™" Eyepiece & Field Cases
"Grab-and-Go Astronomy on Steroids!"

We wanted more than just another eyepiece case.  We wanted more space, to put all the other things or even mounts and small/medium telescopes and giant binoculars in just one "Grab-&-Go" readyroom package that we could pick up and shoot out the door at a moments notice.
We realized customers were also looking for a similar thing, when zooming out to travel much longer distances, on airplanes or cruise ships for solar expeditions, excursions, camping etc.

We wondered... what would we want for an "eyepiece case on steroids", that could handle everything, super durable and simple, but have the extra features ready that us dedicated astro-nerds always think of later?
Well... we do have some clever engineers, a machine shop, and electronics gurus who designed stuff for Lockheed... and they came up with something...  something unique!  Its called the "AstroStation", with the Lagrange point versions L1 (airline carry-on capable) and L2 (adding more steroids for serious fun). In fact patented!
But what's all the hoopla about?  There are the simple answers, and some really engaging innovations afoot...


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About Deluxe Occular Console for Tech2000 AstroStations™

  • Directly  fits in the Tech2000 AstroStation™ field cases with all your other accessory goodies.

  • Using any additional foam sheets of your own, or our cube-foam insert kits, achieves the widest-possible versatility.

  • Leave it behind for more internal space in the case, or just carry it separately, or just go outside with it ONLY and no case!

  • Occulars go in 'bays' (not 'trays'). The bays protect occulars during store & transport so are not just a tray plate, each is recessed (and heated at-will).

  • "You guys just blew my mind!" -- military correspondent name witheld.

Want Foam Fill?  Foam Inserts are optional anytime either at order or later for user-install instead of empty case space, or to flank beside our "Deluxe Occular Consoles" if you will be using those. Just slice them up to fit your need then pluck out the cubes to make any shape for your specific devices. If you are ordering an AstroStation™ and also a Deluxe Occular Console plus this foam too - then we will fit the foam bulk already ahead of time without any charge, and you just pluck out the cubes internally to fit your specific stuff as needed.
Foam kits consist of:  Egg-Crate (convoluted) lid foam; Bottom has 1/2" Base pad under; with Pick and Pluck (cubed) pre-scored foam bulk layers above; Both L-1 and L-2 AstroStations™ have multiple layers of Pick and Pluck Foam above the base pad.  Foam is vertically pre-scored, high-density foam that is easily formed to provide a snug fit that protects your equipment from the abuse of your toughest adventure. We do love it, but we do not make it standard for cost and user-flexibility reasons, being highly-experienced users ourself!

AS-L1-FOAM  $89      AS-L2-FOAM  $160
(Free shipping and free-cutting on all foam orders whether ordered separately or not)

Tech2000 2013

  • No individual carried object weighs more than you will complain over 100 meters (a football field two-way traverse to deploy and takedown).

  • No object size requires special consideration or custom handling/racking in a vehicle or by hand. Including storage considerations.

  • No object requires more than one handler.

  • No separate sub-component takes more than 60 seconds to assemble or erect, regardless of total time applied to completion.

  • No level required (aside from distinct hilly slopes or emergency terrain of course).

  • No polar, North finding, nor star align required, rapid-ready in day or storm (i.e.- astro bulletins, journalists, or fast weather-spotting on the chase).

  • No object requires a "pre-warm" or "calibration-stabilize" settling procedure longer than the 60 seconds described above for sub-components.

  • A single field-operator must be able to deploy all from a single vehicle, house, or apartment, and engage the sky in 10 minutes or less.  (Assume 'under-fire' in defense, meteor/weather storm alerts, or rare wildlife observation opportunity).

  • If any of these criteria can not be met, then you are not in the Tech2000 Grab-N-Go class. We DO like real big Dobs too -- oh yeah -- just can't call it G&G.

  Here is an example for you Guineas Book types:  Dave from Tech2000 wheeled into our site at Sunset while a storm was also rolling in, and claimed he could unload from his truck and show you Saturn in a 6" telescope in two minutes... two people whipped out timers within mere seconds and two start-beeps whispered their challenge (remember these are hard-line educated astronomy folk and can get real serious real fast in front of a braggart).
  Then by golly out came the stuff in a flash... more pensive moments...
  Saturn!  A real-world G&G challenge... by golly he proved it 1min 49sec!

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