Color Telescope Electronic Eyepiece
With Live A/V Type Composite Output.

  This is the preferred method for "live-occular" astronomical viewing at public-outreach and "star-party" environments, or aw-heck just backyard cookouts, where a group of people would like to view your telescope images at the same time, anytime, in addition to one at a time. Since the feed is "live" and in full color at many frames per second, use on brighter objects such as Moon, planets, star clusters or bright color-double stars, bright visiting comets, and solar (Caution! - observe the Sun only with a special solar filter installed on your telescope). Just connect to any TV/VCR or monitor screen that has the RCA-jack connection seen in this picture. This is a well made package. Use it on main instrument alone or piggyback on another widefield tube for personal duality "view-then-do".
T2K35N  $128  For North America NTSC TV/Monitor or recorders
T2K35P  $128  For Europe/Asia/Australia/Etc. PAL format

Output:  Standard A/V cable - Full Screen Video Presentation, composite video for Televisions/Monitors/VCR/Recorders Etc.
Optical Equivalence: Behaves like a 10mm eyepiece, built-in IR filter, works on Barlows/Powermates/Focal-Reducers
Image Sensor Type:  1/3 CMOS 350K 640x480 color        IR Filter:  Built-in standard.
Resolution - Active Pixels:  (Full VGA clipped for full-screen broadcast format) NTSC-510X492  PAL-628X582
Image Area:  NTSC-4.69x3.54mm  PAL-5.78x4.19mm
Frame Rate:  510X492-30fps  628X582-25fps
Exposure:  Automatic Exposure      Illumination:  <5LUX@F1.4 3000K
      White Balance:  Manual control button on body adjusts view parametrics.      S/N Ratio:  40dB
Telescope Occular Barrel:  1-1/4"    View Field:  Inscribed rectangle 18mm
Power:  DC-9V to DC-12V (An AC power adaptor is included: NTSC-110vac/60Hz,  PAL-220vac/50Hz, UL-Class-II Power Limited Safety Provision).  Exercise caution when using AC power connections in outdoor environments as most power adapter transformers will be rated for indoor use only and must be specifically protected elsewise for outdoor use.  Inlet barrel receptacle jack is std. 2.1x5.5mm, center-hot.
Weights:  Cam unit 6oz, AC Power adaptor 9oz.    Dimensions:  4-3/8"L, 1-1/4" barrel x .800 coupling depth, Max OD 1-5/16

  Black & White image sensors used to be the only way to go for true live A/V video feed from telescopes with acceptable public viewing quality, but in recent years some color sensors have come around to the point of having equivalent lumen gain with an improved signal-to-noise ratio.  In the prior thinking, color video was not thought of as being very necessary, considering the far higher cost of getting the performance in color and the fact that so many astronomical objects are not viewed in color anyway with a telescope.  So why not be able to view planets in color?  That was rather expensive in color before with this quality - remember this is "live" A/V analog video broadcast at 30 frames per second!  The electronic supply industry has changed enough that many (most) B/W chip sets suitable for this reasonable-cost amateur astronomy use have been obsoleted.  B/W chip sets are available, but only in the much-higher cost categories for Industrial/Scientific/Medical sectors.  Hence now we only offer these in color, and the light gain and S/N ratios are now on-par with the previous B/W chipsets, so now we can have our planets and eat-them-too! ... In full color.
  For global customer reasons, we offer both NTSC and PAL formats.  It is important to note that there is a difference in NTSC and PAL video formats.  Many people know that of course.  Broadcast television companies evolved two independent standards... NTSC used in North America and PAL used most everywhere else (originally a developed Euro-Standard and PAL still is).  But did you know there is a much-more important reason?  You need to order the right one... "T2K35N"  or "T2K35P" version... and you need to use a TV, Monitor Screen, or VCR recorder or digital recorder etc. with it that was also made to use in your own country.  Why?  No- its not that North America uses 110vac and others use 220vac.  Its all about the AC ENVIRONMENT FREQUENCY.  These sensitive devices contain specific hardware filtering functions on-board and in the internal control software that are devised to cut-out interference radiating all around your telescope from the air environment.  This field of energy comes from both the monitor itself (horizontal sweep frequency), and the power company distribution and transmission lines, and is present pretty-much everywhere in developed countries.  Use the appropriate NTSC/60Hz, or PAL/50Hz video cam unit... then you and your happy group of observers will have the best signal-to-noise ratios and a more enjoyable viewing experience.


T2K35-9V  Power cord to 9v battery, 3-ft length (hank-wrap the cord for shorter use).  $14.95
T2K35-12V  Power cord to 12v battery, 8-ft length, clip-leads for any 12v power pack direct-connection.  $19.95
T2K35-CAR  Power cord to 12v cigarette lighter socket as on power-pack receptacles and automobiles, 25-ft length.  $29.95

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