Though we have received hundreds, we will spare you that and just put a few random ones here.


  • "I have a Dob Driver II since 2001 from you and it is just fantastic! I was in several countries observing with it! (I am from Germany)"  -DE

  • "Thanks, you make a nice product. I highly recommend it over EQ platforms."  -Bailey/LA

  • "I just can't seem to put into words how wonderful this product is... amazing, accurate, simple design... just WOW!!!! Above and beyond 450x. Thank you a thousand times for making this fine product available. I'm in love with my Dob-Driver!!!" -Sheakley

  • "I am a VERY happy owner of your DDR2-SYS unit! Mostly do planetary and am thrilled at Jupiter at 375x and up." -CO

  • (Roboscope)... "I realized that it is really powerful and precise. I ALWAYS get the object in view EVERY TIME. I do not use my NGC MAX anymore!" - Alberti/Italy

  • "Our first unit is very precise, we need another now for a big mount." - NASA/ Kennedy Space Center.

  • "Observed Jup & Sat at very high mags, even 600x for planetary nebulae!!! I've met other owners just as enthused. You have done a great job - Dob-Driver is Fantastic!"

  • "I purchased a Dob-Driver kit from you and would like to tell you I am very satisfied with its performance to date. I have been able to spend hours tracking comets without losing the view. A minor correction every so often and I am set. great Product!" -NY

  • "You guys were right - it went in easy! Now I just can't do without it!" Saldana/ MI

  • " complement you on the high quality of workmanship of your Dob-Driver II system... both simple to use, and very accurate in its tracking ability. The use of your drive system has greatly increased my astronomy enjoyment by allowing me to study a target for extended periods of time, and to allow other onlookers to see the same incredible views I do. It's really nice to be able to set the drive on a target, show a friend, and be able to look at it again without having to readjust the system. I'm just starting to take some astrophotos and am having lots of luck. Its great to be able to use a Dob to take pictures with!" - Arbuckle

  • "I'm having a ball with my Dob-Driver II... what a kick." -LL

  • "I purchased one of your systems for my 18" ...and I'm becoming impressed by it. While observing Mars at powers of 293 and 511x, I found that the system really does work!! I'm detecting more detail as well. I saw a lot of surface detail near the equatorial region at longitude 180 degrees. I had NEVER done so well on that type of plateu/plains detail before. I will recommend you to all Dob owners." -IL

  • "I will typically observe along the ecliptic at powers above 500x since I'm lucky enough to have optic and atmospheric quality - and your Dob-Driver II to allow it! I must swear that I am able to see much more detail with the same instrument at any power, having the ability to place the object in the optimal zone of coma-free performance. Also my concentration on faint detail must have something to do with it since my brain is no longer required to handle the instrument. In any case my complement is WOW!" -OH

  • "After installing your Dob-Driver, upon first operation I called my friend with the report - he bought one too! -KY

  • "I was tracking on my first object. Warmed in the house with coffee and went outside 45 minutes later... it was still there! I never leveled or aligned on a single star!!" -IL

  • "The acceleration and deceleration movements for positioning are incredible! Way better than any slow motion control I have ever tried." -AZ

  • "I spend large amounts of time on the lunar, solar, and planetary observations. Now that your drive is on my 18" Sky Designs, I just can't imagine how I ever did it before, thank you!" -VA

  • "We are absolutely astonished at the portable usefulness of this product - good work!" -ITALY

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