Tech2000 "Giro Cube" Telescope Mounts (Giro G3)
"Grab-and-Go Astronomy on Steroids!"

We've sold and used all the other Giro mounts for a decade and a half - real nice.  Then we realized customers were upgrading to larger APO's, larger and heavier scopes in general, still looking for the much larger XXL and Maxload mounts too (obsolete for years now - too expensive).  We wondered... what would we want for a no-compromise universal mount that handles anything small to huge without the usual spread in cost, weight, or size?  Well... we do have some clever engineers, a machine shop, and machinists who made spacecraft parts... and they came up with something...  something unique!  Its called the "GiroCube", or simply G3. Quite revolutionary!  But what's all the hoopla about?
  There are the simple answers, and some really engaging innovations afoot...

Critical Differences of Tech2000 GiroCube G³ mounts
for astronomy, nature, sports, and professional/defense fields.
Comparison to prior Giro 2, Giro 3, Ercole, and Giro XXL / Giro Maxload mounts.

  We have upgraded the Giro DX mount designs in terms of a formulation that is all about 3's. 1/3 larger or 33% better in some way for example. In all cases, the primary intention is a "Universal and Versatile Grab-N-Go Scope Mount" that has no compromises like the predecessors. We now use this same mount to put on a little solar PST or a monster APO refractor as well as all the rest of telescope types - but in all these cases we leave the original mounts behind. Why? The reason is the Tech2000 Giro G3 takes 10-30 seconds to setup - and the original mounts the telescopes were on take people anywhere from 10-30 minutes. We want Grab & Go and we want the extreme performance and strength too without the hassle penalties. The old addage applies... "If it takes too long to use... you won't use it". Pricing is very similar indeed to the lesser predecessors, but half of the larger predecessors, and 1/3 of our fave T-rex equatorial mounts.
  Did you notice the photo above? There is a large difference between the Tech2000 GiroCube G3 Mount and our previous offerings of Giro 2DX and Giro 3DX or Giro Ercole, Giro XXL, and Giro Maxload. The basic questions were asked in many-flavored ways by the original Giro owners... "Can I grow up to be big and strong like you?" ...Well the short answer is "I don't think so kid", and the longer one requires engineers whom know what the heck they're doing...
  A major revolution change has occurred... just look at the SPAN! Swing scopes and bino's far out from the mount. Move instruments farther or closer to the mount by sliding the shaft. Pull the (now greaseless) shaft right out if you want more compaction to travel in seconds. Never heard of that before! These are patent-rights-reserved features. If you have an expensive telescope, you probably also purchased a mount to handle it? The Tech2000 GiroCube G3 mount fills the gaps when people realize they don't go out for any short trips or backyard time anymore due to the bulk and erecting time of their 'whizbang' goto mount they got to handle that more serious scope load - now setup GiroCube on an HD tripod or portable folding pier or your existing equipment tripod in about 30 seconds!  But the same GiroCube is quite compact and light - so is correctly preferred for all smaller uses too for the all same reasons, even for heavy binoculars.
  Our goal... over-ride old compromises with no cost change... no balance issues, get feet out away from the tripod, any instruments single or dual, scopes or bino large or small, astronomy or pro film crews, low weight/compact/fast, arcsecond motions in ultra-hi mag astronomy or swing-zoom accurate with a big vidcam like you're a lightning fast film-pro at the Superbowl. Why on Earth would someone want a mount less than that at such an astounding price?

  • 'Mambo-Swing' (Instrument Shifting Ability): No travel was ever allowed before - to space out instruments from the mount body. Now you can rapidly move the instrument inward or outward at your whim and lock it, to clear tripod legs for instance, or balance a weight or perhaps a second instrument mounted opposing (you can do that now without purchasing extra parts and you will have no concern about how to balance all your stuff... see below).

  • Far Larger Payload: GiroCube G3 has 3x more than a Giro 2 or Giro 3 (they had 33 Lb total load), and about the same as a Giro XXL (100 Lb total load). We like to recommend the primary instrument should be 50 Lb or less since big HD tripods and portable piers begin to have sway/rigidity issues above a 100Lb total - and this leaves a lot of loadspace for all sorts of 'extra equipment - our G³ mount however won't have any problem with any combinations up to 100Lb.

  • Major Balancing Improvements: 33% longer Main Instrument Shaft, this shaft is easily moved left or right and locked in place, as well as quickly removable. Where before, no Giro was able to vary the balance between one instrument and its counterweight maximum outward position limit, let alone between two mounted instruments, and let alone pulling out the shaft itself which you can do now. Now we have a slide-n-lock main shaft that allows a whopping continuous balance adjustment ratio of 1:1 thru 4:1. This new shaft can act as counterweight all by itself (5Lb), and since the mounting head itself is so strong with the improved bearings and pre-tensioned mechanisms -- often no counterweight is needed at all! (take care to watch your tripod... this smoothness of movement effect can lull you into not paying attention to your tripods' topple-over limits!).

  • Larger Base Diameter:  Tech2000 GiroCube G3 has a 33% wider footprint for robust rigidity and strength with smaller or much larger instruments.  This still fits onto every common support tripod or pier. 4" wide base fully spans most beefy GP tripods like our PowerTower, and Mead/Cele/Orion/Bogen/Manfroto/Etc. all HD sizes that use the regular 10mm or 3/8 bolt-up from the bottom center, plus easily chucks onto Losmandy or AP piers and the Tech2000 QuickChucks for Tech2000 Quick-Draw Piers (recommended for fastest Grab-N-Go setups).

  • Elevated Instrument: 33% taller. Most people like to see this higher mount for easier views or lower tripod spread, but do not wish to buy an extension that adds (a lot) of cost and adds potential compromise with rigidity/solidity or strength - not to mention setup time. But nor do we want an ungainly mount size to carry which creates a compact transport/storage issue. The Tech2000 GiroCube G3 nets around a 6.5" optic-above-mount elevation vs. the old 3.5".

  • Main Instrument Shaft:  33% larger diameter stainless-steel. No more issues about payload flexing or quiver... unless you add a Volkswagen vehicle for your observation cockpit and you also want to sit inside that to view. Then we might recommend you add some counterweighting.

  • Zero Backlash: The Tech2000 GiroCube G3 Mount totally eliminates 'play' that previous Giro mounts claimed was taken-up by the internal grease. Now there is no issue like we and our customers had found before, since both our axes eliminate 'play' entirely by greaseless constrictive mechanical pressure. The result is arcsecond movements by finger alone, moves when you want and stays put, does not relax or bounceback when you let go during a move, and finally no bump issues from wind or during mountup time.

  • More Appropriate Equipment Weight:  33% heavier, but that's just 3 Lbs and even the 11 Lb total weight is no problem at all for a universal grab-n-go. Pull out the 5Lb alt shaft and total is near half. Yet this is far lighter than a giant Giro XXL telescope mount head - and handles the same spec loads easily - and is NOT $1200 US price. You get off cheaply on that score by over 50% less.

  • Stronger Altitude Lock & Tensioner: All Giros of any size that have come before used a bolt-knob-pressure against the shafts with a plastic slug on the circumference contact point against the perimeter of the shaft. We now switchover to a split-clamp method with full-surround grip, and one contact point now becomes ALL contact points. Not to mention we use full-surround bronze against this much larger stainless steel shaft too. The result is a tube-balance tensioner with very-fine user-control and when fully-clamped completely immobilizes the telescope. You will appreciate this little detail when you loadup or takedown late at night, or pull out a bino-viewer with a pair of large oculars on it... and your scope does not swing down and hit the tripod, or worse when loading the same thing, swing up instead and drop out an expensive 2" Barlow, the binoview, and a couple premium oculars onto maybe concrete pavement waiting and willing to make a good day turn into a very bad night. We do think here.

  • Still Compact:  Easily fits in the Tech2000 AstroStation™ cases with all your other accessory goodies. So small and light it serves just as well to take it out with a little solar PST as it does to carry a monster APO or RC type heavyweight (not to mention SCTs/Maks/MakNewts/ and regular Newts).

  • Instant-Mount: Leave the Hub part attached to your instrument or any adapter/saddle-clamp device.  In these cases you only slide our hub (with your instrument already on it and aligned from before!) onto the shaft - the tighten tool is already right there in the mount. This ability will let you have an instant-mount function even if you do not use a rail-clamp device. For instance any plate we could make for your scope does not necessarily need a dovetail rail and clamp... you save all that money and still have the most reliable/safest/fastest connection.

  • Tool Improvements: Giro mounts required two metric hex keys to make adjustments. We were the only company to supply those standard. But now we changed to one-key does all, and we also have a plug-in hole right in the mount to keep it stowed there. Never did like carrying several hard-to replace metric keys in a separate toolbox (that we sometimes maybe forgot to bring!). Yes we thought of using thumbscrews on all locations but they would have to be too small to get the torque we want - and we are talking about serious and expensive telescopes here so why should we compromise anywhere? This stowed tool idea is the closest you can get to 'tool-less' perfection in our extreme compact formats.

  • If you read this far... then you are more like us. We're picky, niggling every detail. But we are also spendthrifts -- cost is always an issue even in defense and aerospace. If we sell anything, its something we would buy ourselves. If we make it, then we simply can not sleep at night without thinking about what you are doing with our stuff.



The Tech2000 GiroCube (G3) Mount is very modular and flexible.
The bulk of instruments use the Vixen-rail mount method, which is a dovetail rail on the instrument about 1-3/4" wide (45mm), and is clamped to a 'saddle' such as ours shown. The Vixen standard uses two 6mm bolts through the saddle which we provide, and the 'hub' on the mount has two 6mm female threads for these bolts, and those are centered 1-3/8" apart (35mm).  We can of course also add any other clamp-saddle or ringplate to the GiroCube mount hub and so can you often with no help from us, thanks to these standards. When there is any specific question, call to discuss it and know that we have adapted every type of telescope to our hubs in the last 23 years!
Yeah, we know most people who are advanced enough to consider these mounts already have these, but we now provide them anyway since these are half the price of the Baader ones we used to sell!



The Tech2000 GiroCube (G3) Mount is very modular and flexible.
As if our huge standard 1x24" shaft is not long enough!  Since we decided to be creative, you do have the option now to switch-in a "Scope Mount On Steroids" longer shaft... for just us astro-nerds... just because we can!
Longer shafts are not as compact, but could allow two people observing together on a pair of sync'd optics separated by over six feet! In public viewing it definitely keeps the people away from that old 'tripod awkward zone' since now you just step up to the optics--which appear to be hanging in free-space to an observer.

#G3-SHAFT-XX    XX=36" $99,  48" $149,  60" $199, 72" $249
Note these are nonstock custom and not returnable items. They are extras, meaning in-addition to the standard shaft we supply, and not substitutable on an original mount order unless explicitly described as a separate custom item.


We got excited when we moved the GiroCube G3 mounts into the one-inch shaft class. Not just because of the super rigidity it gives us for high quality expensive optics that are pretty heavy naturally already, and the need for rigidity when spacing-out instruments from the tripods a long distance, but because of the incredible savings possible with mass-produced gymnasium weights! You know... Tech2000 has produced high-quality 20mm shaft weights for many years. But we are overjoyed to save our friends big dollars on the counterweights used for these GiroCube G3 mounts. You can just go to any sporting goods store or many department stores to get standard gym weights for 1" shafting, or for convenience we stock these enamel-coated steel ones. These do not have any clamping mechanism so are only used for horizontal shaft mount locations like the Tech2000 GiroCube G3.

#G3-WT  .......      2.5 lb $4.34    5 lb $11.04    10 lb $17.34    25 lb $43.56

Since we make pier chucks anyway, we can change the GiroCube G3 Standard Base for...
A 10-second Losmandy format chuck to directly fit on top all Losmandy piers (6.000" outside pier diameter)
A 10-second Tech2000 format chuck to fit Tech2000 Quick-Draw piers (4.500" outside pier diameter)

This would be chosen to get a direct coupling to a pier without buying the chuck/adapter device we normally sell separately for the pier top.
Results in less equipment weight, very fast 10-second "drop & twist" mounting speed, and higher rigidity since there is no 'adapter' interface.
These wider bases still have the female bottom-center thread so will still fit other 10mm & 3/8-16 centerbolt tripods/piers too.
1" thick solid aircraft aluminum. Factory install only.

#G3BASE-LOS (for Losmandy) or G3BASE-QD (for Tech2000) $197.14 either type.

Uses 10mm or 3/8-16 bolt knob, shown in black at lower left, to mount all sorts of HD optics
that use a single-bolt mount instead of rings and clamps or rails.

These have the (wonderful) ability to shift the instrument balance point in either vertical or horizontal planes independently, for completely static balance. When you let go of a bino or telescope... or big camera rig-up... it will not move... even with very little tension setting on the mount itself... from horizon to zenith. Fits Tech2000 GiroCube (G3) and any other Giro/Vixen hub. Boy we love these variable-cradle things... Very clever indeed. The Hub at right is shown for reference not included, but includes the 6mm thumb-bolts spaced 35mm apart and the clamp plate, so that fits everything Euro and Amer/Asian mounts too. We can supply a hub too if you need an extra.

Quite a sturdy piece of design work, serious-rigid, done for Jaconnelli on request, and now available for you! 

#GIRO-HD-CRADLE $289.  Specify 10mm or 3/8-16 main thread type that your instrument uses.

Aside from our Tech2000 "Quick-Draw" aluminum pier, shown at left, we also like Losmandy folding piers and Eagle from AP (seen at far left). Ours is the fastest/lightest/tallest with lowest cost and sets up "10-seconds to rock solid". We created the original portable folding piers back in the '90s and all other makes follow our lead now having noticed the speed, light weight, rigidity, and large capacity combinations possible with an umbrella-like folding instant variable-height single-piece design like ours. Of particular interest for all of these piers, is the strength that protects rather expensive instruments that are likely to be mounted on the G3 and similar G&G robust mounts. A safety net function that results partly from the wider top areas which many "HD" tripods simply do not have. There are no leg clamping knobs to slip like on a tripod either. Instead our method uses a single slide collar clamp that varies height - and that can even be completely loose without any chance of toppling!

Quite a sturdy piece of design work, serious-rigid. 15 lb x 43-60" variable height setting. 100 lb capacity.

View the Quick-Draw Piers Page     Cloudy Nights Review

If not using the optional G3 bases described above get a "Quick Chuck" shown here at the top of the pier. This allows you to mount many other mount head types in addition to the G3. These attach to your mount heads and you just leave them on... drop & twist onto a pier in 10-seconds with the three hand knobs tightening into the piers' three dogleg slots.  These are shown also on the QuickDraw Piers Page.

Tech2000 2013

  • No individual carried object weighs more than you will complain over 100 meters (a football field two-way traverse to deploy and takedown).

  • No object size requires special consideration or custom handling/racking in a vehicle or by hand. Including storage considerations.

  • No object requires more than one handler.

  • No separate sub-component takes more than 60 seconds to assemble or erect, regardless of total time applied to completion.

  • No level required (aside from distinct hilly slopes or emergency terrain of course).

  • No polar, North finding, nor star align required, rapid-ready in day or storm (i.e.- astro bulletins, journalists, or fast weather-spotting on the chase).

  • No object requires a "pre-warm" or "calibration-stabilize" settling procedure longer than the 60 seconds described above for sub-components.

  • A single field-operator must be able to deploy all from a single vehicle, house, or apartment, and engage the sky in 10 minutes or less.  (Assume 'under-fire' in defense, meteor/weather storm alerts, or rare wildlife observation opportunity).

  • If any of these criteria can not be met, then you are not in the Tech2000 Grab-N-Go class. We DO like real big Dobs too -- oh yeah -- just can't call it G&G.

  Here is an example for you Guineas Book types:  Dave from Tech2000 wheeled into our site at Sunset while a storm was also rolling in, and claimed he could unload from his truck and show you Saturn in a 6" telescope in two minutes... two people whipped out timers within mere seconds and two start-beeps whispered their challenge (remember these are hard-line educated astronomy folk and can get real serious real fast in front of a braggart).
  Then by golly out came the stuff in a flash... more pensive moments...
  Saturn!  A real-world G&G challenge... by golly he proved it 1min 49sec!

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