Welcome To Tech2000...
Life can be simple.  Yeah - with a team of engineers at your elbow!
Hello its us.  Its called Tech2000.  We use astro-gear and we design it too.
Astronomy can be addictive ... please observe responsibly.

Tech2000  - specialized and very unique astronomy gear no-one ever heard of until we designed it.
  - our consumer telescopes & accessories in mainstream price/performance arena.
  - electronics engineering & development group.

Technical Papers
  - some details (White Papers), and other "How-To" information.

  You will notice that evening has just arrived at Galileos' home observatory hundreds of years ago (an open window in Winter - just like I did at 10 years old with lenses from a broken toy binocular with spent Christmas paper cardboard tubes and the new technology of wonderous clear cellophane tape applied directly across the cold lense faces just because YOU COULD).  He is about to try out a new thing, without any broken toys and without the wonder of new things like Cellophane, but the technology was young then.  Tech2000 is about the science today.  About the details.  About the pursuit.  We would rather not engage with the mainstream marketing methods nor the broad flow of import equipment, nor the fancy-flair of advertizing 'smoke & mirrors' with unrealistic WOW ads, and so we follow-the-nose of amateur and pro practicers.  What comes next is not predictable, hence... engaging!
  The founder, Dave Masters, came from the high-volume automotive sector as a senior product-development engineer for a large fortune-500 company.  He began in the late 1980's to produce large homebuilt personal telescopes and soon discovered that high quality optics begged for higher magnifications.  He soon discovered serious problems when trying to hold arcseconds of position manually on the Moon when searching arduously for the landing and crash sites of the spacecraft we had sent there.  In 1990 he founded Tech200 to begin promotion of very accurate fine-motion drive motors and the special hand control computers required to allow tracking of Moon detail at well over 500x.  With strong preference for no-align convenience (pop-out in the backyard then pop-home again) features.  Why could he not have his cake - and eat it too!
  Since then there have been nearly 2 decades of exciting and fun (hard work) that Tech2000 has engaged in with a wide assortment of technical projects and client manufacturing contracts .  Drop some recognizeable names? -- Corvette, Harley Davidson, Duracell, Nasa Kennedy Space Center, Nasa Goddard, Harvard-Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Comet Hale-Bopp, Ball Engineering (Tempel-1 Comet Impactor), high-speed ISDN routers, Deep-IR total-internal-reflection sensors...  we have run the gamut with far more than that... but the actual products developed go far beyond this meager list.  Into many dozens of innovative results in fact.

  The Tech2000 mission statement:  "Use the equipment and related science thoroughly today - discover the needs and fill new holes in both of these realms tomorrow - provide robust quality goods and stay on top of the cost engineering so that many amateurs around this world could participate in the field cheaply and hence dramatically increase the chance that serious contributions to humankind will result from such paltry endeavors of mere salesmen.  This is a 'take' -- not a 'mistake'.    -Masters"
  Note:  This 'blurb' is about Tech2000 in particular, yes.  But the atronomy field itself is also about humankind and its relationship to everything else.  The "R1B' identifier can be found/located in this pic, it is in reference to the genetic marker in Haplogroup migrations that show scientifically the relationship of all living humans to each other.  With futher study at nationalgeographic.com/genographics you can learn that, like Dave of the R1B strain that came from this area around Galileos' neighborhood,  you are actually related to everyone else living on this planet today.  Directly as in a family blood-line.  Sure its all great fun, but, its actually about the science -- or... did you already know that?  Welcome to real astronomy - Welcome to the 'Real-World' - Welcome to Tech2000!

-Dave Masters/Owner