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Tech2000 has purchased the entire consumer telescope technology sector from NightFire Scientific Instruments LTD.  Now we have direct control over this product line and have moved it upward to bring the extra quality that our more serious customers truly seek when purchasing something GOOD outside of the bloated mainstream-astronomy-jungle mix.  You will only find all optics multi-coated high-purity glass, most with blackened lense edges described below and not seen in any normal shop even the good ones, optical baffles applied in multiple locations at the correct points without weep, and no cheap 'department store' cemented achromats here - all refractor optics below are air-spaced doublet or air-spaced triplet lenses slow-hand-polished with serious artful care, then mounted and collimated individually in each telescope tube.
WARNING - If you are evaluating telescopes based on price only instead of price/performance ratios, go elsewhere, please go away from here you are wasting your time and ours.  There are plenty of mail order houses that sell all the cheap mainstream telescopes with big-name brandings.  We will only provide the very best bang plus unlimited-extendable 1-year warranty plus customer support that is not going to be exceeded by any company in the USA.  After all, over 19 years, this is still the same Tech2000 principal.  When was the last time you saw a real sharp optic doublet, good-whopping 70mm telescope with full accessories included, with a tripod, for 99 bucks - that was actually any good?  We got it here sure, and ED doublets and triplets up to 6" aperture with or without mounting heads and tripods/piers.  All of it just can't be beat... else we would not be doing this NightFire line of optics in the first place.  Extended warranty is available too for the long-haul peace of mind.

"NightFire" NF152SA  6" Super-Achromat Short Refractor
Air spaced quaternity, its color correction is improved by 30% compared to traditional cemented doublets.  At 6" f5 this is a huge scope ready for astro-imaging and spectacular viewing in a balanced groove between high-res viewing and imaging.
Chrome steel tripod 1.5" heavy-duty, large EQ5 head with illuminated polarscope, 8x50 viewfinder, 1.25" PL6.5/PL20 eyepieces, a huge 101.6mm 4" Rack & Pinion focuser, 2" 90 degree diagonal.  OTA: 17kg incl c'wts, EQ5+Tripod: 20kg (beefy stuff).

NF152SA  760mm/f5  $1061
NF152SA-OTA  OTA Only $899 includes HD swingover rings and 8x50 finder.
Tripod-1.5  Chrome Steel Tripod Only $299 includes large EQ-5 equatorial head, no c'wts.
Counterweight configurations see GG weights 20mm


50F360  2 occulars 4 & 20mm, 1.5X Erecting lens birding etc, aluminum table tripod
70F300  ultra-short-tube wide angle, 2 occulars 6 & 20mm, 3X Barlow lens, diagonal, 1.5X Erecting lens birding etc, aluminum table tripod.  Also makes one heck of a great giant finderscope!
Both have glass air-spaced doublet lenses of high sharp quality, anti-reflection anti-scatter multicoated.  Where can you find a large 70mm telescope for under $100?!!!

"NightFire" NF127SA  5" Super-Achromat Short Refractor
ir spaced quaternity, its color correction is improved by 30% compared to traditional cemented doublets.  At 5" f5 this is a large scope extra-short, ready for astro-imaging and spectacular viewing in a balanced groove between high-res viewing and imaging.
  Chrome steel tripod 1.5" heavy-duty, EQ5 head with illuminated polarscope, 8x50 viewfinder, 1.25" PL6.5/PL20 eyepieces, large 76.2mm focuser tube 4" rack&pinion 2" barrel ID, adapter, 1.25" 90 degree diagonal.
OTA: 15kg incl c'wt, EQ5+Tripod: 20kg (beefy stuff).

NF127SA  635mm/f5  $949

"NightFire" NF80RF  3.1" Rich-field refractor (air spaced doublet), tube assembly plus mounting ring set, rack & pinion focuser.
Ota: 3.25kg

NF80RF  600mm/f7.5  $273

"NightFire" NF90RF  3.5" Rich-field refractor (air spaced doublet), tube assembly only, threaded mount hole for cam tripods and all common rail-mountings, rotating 2" Crayford focuser.
OTA: Lightweighted assembly structure 2.95kg

NF90RF  500mm/f 5.5  $339

"NightFire" ED Doublet Rich-Field Refractors
(1 element is ED/air spaced),  hand-fig.-slow-polish, tube/mountrings/dovetail/all alum., collimation screws ea. lens, 2-spd 2" Crayford focus, dual baffles (3 in the 02), blackened lense edges, sliding dew shield.
NF80ED  560mm/f7  $762
NF102ED  714mm/f7  $1169

"NightFire" ED Triplet Rich-Field Refractors (1-FPL51, air spaced triplet)
Tube-assembly + mountrings/L-dovetail/all aluminum fab/rotating 2-spd 2" Crayford focuser, blackened lense edges.
NF80EDT  480mm/f6  (OTA:14.7kg  counterweighted total mount loading)  $923
NF102EDT  714mm/f7  (OTA:16.5kg  counterweighted total mount loading)  $1434
NF127EDT  952.5mm/f7.5  (OTA:21kg  counterweighted total mount loading)  $2161

Perhaps we can put all that complexity into simpler terms for you... (LOL)


This is your 'other' telescope.
This is the deal you decided to get from mainstream sellers...
or maybe already have it in a closet from the older days.


This is the NightFire telescope you actually wanted from Tech2000 like we said.
Any Questions?

(Not Dave - just a startling resemblance :-)

"NightFire" 100/F1400  4" Maksutov-Cassegrain          NF100M  $467
AL tripod/easy mount, 8x21 viewfinder, 1.25" PL6.5/PL20, 1.25" focuser, 1.25" 45-deg prism diagonal.
OTA: 11kg tot

"NightFire" 152/F1900  6" Maksutov-Cassegrain          NF152M  $808
HD AL tripod/EQ8 head, 8x50 finder, 2"90 diag., PL6.5/20. Extra short and light, the folded optics in these field-Mak's are commonly used by serious birders/wildlife as well as for astronomy.
OTA: 10kg, EQ+Tripod 16kg

"NightFire" Parabolic Newtonians...
Robust EQ5 mount & illum. polarscope, these are very high-stiffness and high-capacity mount heads.  Beefy chrome steel tripod, 8x50 finder, 2" focuser, 1.25" adapter, 1.25" PL6.5/PL20

"NightFire" 152/F675  6" Parabolic Newtonian            NF152N  $835
OTA: 8kg  EQ5+Tripod+C'wt: 20kg

"NightFire" 203/F900  8" Parabolic Newtonian            NF203N  $965
OTA: 17kg  EQ5+Tripod+C'wt: 20kg

"NightFire" 254/F1150  10" Parabolic Newtonian        NF254N  $1095
OTA: 24kg  EQ5+Tripod+C'wt: 27kg


Photon Pistons pump photons fast down USB to your PC.

NightFire 1-1/4" Eyepieces
Plossls:  4,6.5,12.5,15,20,25mm  $24ea or $99-full set of 6!  All Multi-coat for maximum anti-scatter.  High-purity glass.  We are very impressed with the high quality results at the low cost.  Blackened threaded internal barrels for ultra-low light scatter influences, but note these do not accept filter threads on these plossl models.  Includes individual Poly-case compression enclosure for each eyepiece.

SuperPlossls add a 5th dimension for wider FOV than a normal Plossl, and more color correction, plus individual screw-poly cases and they accept standard filter threads.  Both Dave and Paul agree that these are the personal favorites regarding 'bang for the buck':
4,6.5,10,12.5,15,20,25,30,40mm  $29ea or $149-full set of 9!

Epoxy-coated 20mm counterweights in a large selection.
Cick for the counterweights

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