The TECH2000 POWER-TOWER ™  is a Big Bad Boy - for the serious astronomer only - not for the faint-hearted or weak bodied.
  Experienced astronomers already know that the impressive "Best Tripods" have 1.75" leg diameters for excellent rigidity, load-bearing ability, and rapid dampening characteristics, some of those are actually thinwall aluminum... but ours has 2" hard chrome steel legs... superior!  Go ahead!  Put a little fat & heavy high-quality APO refractor on it over 500x magnification, or heft-up a 60Lb Monstertube OTA on it if you dare, and see if we care!  You will certainly care when you experience the smooth and steady behavior even under typical wind loads.  Better make sure you have a telescope that is equal to the task -  because the TECH2000 POWER-TOWER™  will handle any instrument of small to large stature without complaint, and is still very compact and portable!  If you have used one of these before then you had already experienced a thing of beauty.  You already know its a must-have for any high-quality telescope too.  A few of the top key features...

  • 2" Chrome steel legs height-adjustable from low-seating levels to the towering heights needed for long focal-length telescopes.  Robust strength.  Largest and strongest tripod structure made for readily-transportable consumer field work up to 100 pounds total.

  • EQ-5 solid-cast aluminum version equatorial head with axes bores and controls secondarily-machined directly upon the primary single-piece castings, including an illuminated reticle and collimatable polar finder inside its' axis bore.  The beefiest head made for consumer equatorial mounts and actually stronger/sturdier/smoother than the EQ7 and EQ8 weaker products abounding today at higher prices.

  • All tripod/head/OTA couplings completely conform to standardized Vixen/Celestron/Mead/Orion 'GP/GP2' (Great Polaris), including all OTA dovetail mountings/rings.  This means any telescope can be mounted on this head, or any head can be mounted on this tripod, or any tripod can be used with this head.  So it is extremely flexible in equipment variation - and Tech2000 can fabricate any odd custom requirements in our machine shop too.

  • Unique cinching crank locks tripod legs and head into ONE very solid piece.  Dual clamps on each lower leg - collapse is NOT ALLOWED.

  • High-Quality GG Counterweights/Boosters included with most orders - see below - and you pick exactly what you want to the nearest pound!

Very impressive yes.  Loads of other important features too.  Naturally, this is Tech2000, and the full spec's are described below.

The NightFire Flame appointed for this mission is shown on the left.
Do not accept a substitute for this mark on 'knockoff products' - they will not meet specific performance requirements we require at Tech2000 to 'Fill-The-Bill' on important quality parameters.

Tech2000 Power-Tower Complete Set Shown:  NFEQ5  $690
(Includes a 3 Lb Booseter weight + one of our GG weights - specify your choice of 3-9 Lb in one Lb increments)

Tech2000 Power-Tower EQ-5 Mount Head Only:  NFEQ5H  $448
(Includes one of our GG weights - specify your choice of 3-9 Lb in one Lb increments)

Tech2000 Power-Tower 2" Chrome Steel Tripod Only:  NFEQ5T  $354

Tech2000 EQ-5 Compact Adjustable Rate Tracking Drive Unit (Optional):  NFEQ5D  $99


Maximum Recommended (Astronomical) Payload:  100 Lbs. (150 Lbs. if non-astronomical).
Legs:  2" Chrome alloy steel with bonded end bells.
Footprint Circle Diameter (Min-to-Max Height):  4-6 ft
Max Height:  43" (Add mount head and tube radius distance to this - typically 59" total)
Min Height:  28" (Add mount head and tube radius distance to this - typically 44" total)
Product Weight: 14 Lb.
Ship Weight:  18 Lb.  Freight Charge typical:  $30

Maximum Recommended (Astronomical) Payload:  60 Lbs. OTA + 30 Lbs. various counterweights/accessories.
Construction:  Solid-Cast Virgin aluminum with precision post-machining and assembly.
Gears: Steel wormwheel, adjustable-contact wormshaft.
Axis Locks:  Yes,  Dual
Slow-Motion No-Vibe Control Spirals:  Yes, Dual Provided Standard
Polar-Azimuth Fine Positioning:  Yes (Without moving mount tripod or pier stantion)
Lattitude/Altitude Adjustable Scaled Range:  Yes
Axis End Shafts Accessible for Drive Motors: Yes, Both Axes, Both Ends
Product Weight: 14 Lb. + Counterweights Selected
Ship Weight:  18 Lb. + Counterweights Selected.  Freight Charge typical:  $60

EQ5 RA DRIVE UNIT (Optional)
Power:  9v battery.
Consumption:  Approximately 40 hours on a 9v alkaline battery.
Astronomical Rates:  User-Dial-Variable Sidereal/Solar/Lunar/Planetary/NearSpace/KingRate.
Description:  This is a compact box-unit containing a 9v battery, motor and control electronics, that "slaps-on" the mount RA shaft, designed for automatic sky tracking between times of manual-push-to moves or slo-mo-slew controls that are used already on the mounting.
Coarse and fine speed adjust - no AC connection needed (best for portable field work).  The kind of thing Tech2000 is long-famous for doing well.
Product Weight: 1.5Lb incl. Battery.  Freight Weight: 2Lb.  Freight cost $0 when ordered with other mount parts, else typical is $8.

Maximum Recommended Astronomical Payload:  100 Lbs.
Product Weight:  28 Lb + Counterweights Selected
Ship Weight:  36 Lb. + Counterweights Selected.  Freight Charge typical:  $90

Minimum System Requirements:  Human Brain aged to perfection not less than 16 years, and Tech2000 Support.
Storage Environment:  -40 to +55C, 90%RH, bag-seal w/dessicant for long-term storage.
Not rated for use on Lunar or Mars expeditions see policy and be sure to engage clear-conscience when travelling outside limits of Human travail.