Tech2000 "QuickDraw™" Telescope Folding Pier Mounts
"10 Seconds To Rock-Solid"

  We sold and used all sorts of mounting equipment in the last decades. But ever since our early days developing Dob-Drivers to make Dobsonians fast and easy to track, we have been captivated by the lack of speed and weight of observing mounts for other instruments too. The old adage always niggling upon our minds... "If its not quick to use... you don't use it."
  So true... but what would we want for a fast, tall AND compact universal mount that handles anything small to huge without the usual penalties in cost, weight, or size?  Well... we do have some clever engineers, a machine shop, and machinists who made spacecraft parts... and they came up with something...  something unique!  Its called the "Tech2000 QuickDraw™ Pier". Quite revolutionary!  But what's all the hoopla about?

"Quick-Draw Piers"
"10 seconds to Rock-Solid !"
Tech2000 ultra-compact ultra-portable high-rigidity high-strength folding mounts.
Compliant with an ultra-wide variety of mounting heads.

  It really does set up in 10 seconds - this folding pier also stowes at 7x7x39" (1-meter) in 10 seconds.
  Adjustable height 43-60" Only 11 Lb - carry 50!  Or 15 Lb - carry 100 in taller all aluminum version.
  Integral dampening.  Optional Quick-Chuck 10-second adapters on top can be specified to fit various mount heads like Giro, Mead, Celestron, Losmandy, TMB, AP, Intes, Vixen, TV, SV, Etc.
  Handles small-to-large APO/Mak/SCT/Newt/RC's etc.
  Stiff strong light fast, and taller than mounts over twice the price!  (We think ours are the prettiest).
  Super-convenience and super-rigidity at low price, suitable for basics, binos, and "big-guns".
  Tech2000 does custom machining on-site to fit any customer need.
  Cellcore post is a double-walled engineered plastic utilizing a PVC rigid foam core extruded/bonded directly within two skins outer and inner. With a mere 11 LB pier weight it easily handles 50 LB total payloads but we do recommended tube assembly (OTA) weight should be no more than 25 LB or 3-ft in length to maintain the "high-magnification" rigidity we crave.  The Aircraft aluminum version changes this post to a solid aluminum wall, and is 4" taller because we can get away with it, and is naturally more rigid to carry payload totals to 100 LB.
  The folding legs and single-release quick-clamp slide collar are the same in either case.  The drop in "Quick-Chucks" on top are different for each pier type due to a difference in internal diameter (the OD however is 4.5 for both pier tube types from Tech2000).


  • No individual carried object weighs more than you will complain over 100 meters (a football field two-way traverse to deploy and takedown).

  • No object size requires special consideration or custom handling/racking in a vehicle or by hand. Including storage considerations.

  • No object requires more than one handler.

  • No separate sub-component takes more than 60 seconds to assemble or erect, regardless of total time applied to completion.

  • No level required (aside from distinct hilly slopes or emergency terrain).

  • No polar, North finding, nor star align required, rapid-ready in day or storm (i.e.- astro bulletins, journalists, defense, or fast weather-spotting on the chase).

  • No object requires a "pre-warm" or "calibration-stabilize" settling procedure longer than the 60 seconds described above for sub-components.

  • A single field-operator must be able to deploy all from a single vehicle, house, or apartment, and engage the sky in 10 minutes or less.  (Assume 'under-fire' in defense, meteor/weather storm alerts, or rare wildlife observation opportunity).

  • If any of these criteria can not be met, then you are not in the Tech2000 Grab-N-Go class. We DO like real big Dobs too -- oh yeah -- just can't call it G&G.

  Here is an example for you Guineas Book types:  Dave from Tech2000 wheeled into our site at Sunset while a storm was also rolling in, and claimed he could unload from his truck and show you Saturn in a 6" telescope in two minutes... two people whipped out timers within mere seconds and two start-beeps whispered their challenge (remember these are hard-line educated astronomy folk and can get real serious real fast in front of a braggart).
  Then by golly out came the stuff in a flash... more pensive moments...
  Saturn!  A real-world G&G challenge... by golly he proved it 1min 49sec!

Aside from our Tech2000 "Quick-Draw" aluminum pier, shown at left, we also like Losmandy folding piers and Eagle from AP (seen at far left). But ours is the fastest/lightest/compact/tallest with lowest cost and sets up "10-seconds to rock solid". We created the original portable folding piers back in the '90s and all other makes follow our lead now having noticed the speed, light weight, rigidity, and large capacity combinations possible with an umbrella-like folding instant variable-height single-piece design like ours that stowes in a very small space -- like an umbrella does. Of particular interest for all of these piers, is the strength that protects rather expensive instruments that are likely to be mounted on our and similar G&G robust mounts. There are no leg clamping knobs to slip like on a tripod either. Instead our method uses a single slide collar clamp that varies height - and that can even be completely loose without any chance of toppling!
Quite a sturdy piece of design work, serious-rigid stable, these are all capable of 100 Lb loads, but you must also desire the other important factors such as height/weight/stowsize/and of course...price!

The Tech2000 aluminum version = $549
The Losmandy HD folding Tripod = $1650
The AP (astrophysics Eagle folding pier shown at far left) = $2000 incl the 8" extension shown

So with similar abilities and compact-light-lowcost... I'm picking the Tech2000 Quick-Draw every time!
You could add Tech's G3
head also (11Lb/100Load) and still pay far less than any other tripods alone!

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