Wind / Solar /  Vibration / Thermal / Body / and Compression Energy Harvesting

Clever Free-Energy designs and decades of product engineering make us a premier USA manufacturer of energy harvesting ready-made out of the box, and DIY for homebrew hobbyists.
Real Intelligent Wind and Solar energy products.
Free-Harvesting:  Urban / Suburban / Subrural / Rural.
DIY Home Residence, Garden Centers, Business, Cabins & Remote Locations.

About "Lean-Green"

Lean-Green has double meaning. So yeah, you want to be green-thinking and we all want to do our "good mentorship" of the planet. People who think this way are said to "lean green". Certainly an attraction to free energy is merely a bonus and not necessarily the only factor? Secondly, the real problem with all the "free energy" hype is that it's not very happy-free when it costs many thousands of dollars to buy - and then some professional contractor has to be hired to install and maintain the systems. Not too cheap are those guys - and they have to work with overly-complicated installations or building structure alterations - pile on the money! When you work the numbers and get real firm quotes, it becomes obvious that its not free energy at all! Don't worry. This "free energy problem" happens to everyone. Being frugal engineers, we turn the tables upside-down and provide pre-finished devices that cost far less to buy, and give the user some simple work to do for final assembly by themselves. Then we make sure to keep the installation and connecting job so simple that any handy person could do it easily - or in fact anyone could be hired to install in a very short time and save the SERIOUS COST PROBLEM with alternate energy equipment installations. This is the dollar-side of our "lean-green" dual thinking approach and so we are in fact lean-on-the-green!


Clever vertical heat collectors for simple exterior thru-the-wall add on, residence or decks & similar framed mountings as well as mini-barns and equipment storage lockers.
Pumps heat into your building using the heat alone - no wires - no battery - no fan - no plumbing.
Add outside existing structure wall - does not need to be built in a wall or as a part of one (though you could on new construction due to its high self-insulation value).
Cold-Trap halts reverse pumping in night or clouds.
Varies heat pumping speed. More Sun = more energy = faster heat pumping.

DIY Home Residence, Garden Centers, Business, and special machine sheds or observatories.

More Info...

We also design and develop custom solutions for special applications, and products you may intend to market. We are a wide-focus global design & manufacture center providing a host of custom departmental support functions for your business as well as turn-key projects, or products, from concept to production.  Advanced electrical & electronic products, intelligent machine & gaging/test systems, machining, fabrications, and "box build" assembly in consumer, commercial, industrial, military, & aerospace fields. Since 1987 - if you can think it - we can build it.

For OEM manufacturers and retail buisnesses, we custom manufacture parts, sections, controls, subassemblies, or complete product tested and in-box for drop ship to your location or direct to the end-customer.  A complete provisioning and order fulfillment service in a one-stop location... that's easy... that's AREA-51 !!!  Since 1987, we have produced hundreds of products and support functions for dozens of  companies from small startups to fortune-500 giants... one part to many thousands... and dollars to millions in contract manufacturing.

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