Technical papers and How-To Publications

Connections for Dob-Driver II™, wiring of hand control to telescope mount devices.
Loading and Balancing telescopes
, the right way to mount and balance telescopes for success.
Midrange Altitude Needle Bearings Installation
, a moving experience for smoothly supporting Dobsonian OTAs from 10" scope sticky-wicket problems up through 150 LB OTAs.  Larger scopes up to 500 Lb we us our 'HD Bearings Plus' kit parts.
Precision Tracking and Guiding
, using Dob-Driver II controllers for high demand applications.
Dob-Driver II™ Guiding Info & Autoguider Interface
, with PDF view & print options.
Roboscope Connect & Config
, if your Roboscope program does not connect to the telescope immediately upon connection then use this help page to make it go.  Also covers PC-applications for laptops with no parallel port connector, and ways to get around various OS blocking security that can halt your happy success.