Tired of knocking your precious telescopes around?  Rough on the scope and your back?  Takes several trips?
Use our Transporters™ ... wheel poles, rolling platforms, and wheeled crates can easily move and protect valuable tube assemblies such as refractors/Mak/Cass/RC, or manage entire 8 to 24" Dob's up to 200 Lbs out of your garage or across starparty fields in the Boonies!
Fire those brutal baggage handlers (that's you)!

Notes from Dave...  I designed this rather elegantly simple transport setup when Paul, our machinist, began complaining about the 13" Dob he bought from 'aperture-fever' and loved to use, but then it was getting harder and harder to move around a 110 LB telescope even in 2 parts like that of the Dobsonian nature.  These transporters worked great for him.  Even out a back garage door across a threshold and then a concrete patio ledge, you just pull it like a rickshaw, instead of pushing it like a wheelbarrow, though you can certainly do that too when easing it down off a patio ledge.  The dual wheel setup on each pole allows real easy "turn on a dime" moving and this works well for precision placement both in a garage floor environment to roll out complete for a short spell observing, and also out in rougher terrain like gravel or sod or hard-pack real-nasty dirt locations.  Got the idea from some of the better office chairs we use here - the better ones have this dual wheel method used at each foot of a chair leg... it does work well... much better than any single-wheel could do!
  Then we found out you can mount these with a little bit of gap under the wheels when the scope is resting on flat ground - then you do not even need to remove them to observe - the wheels are above the ground and you can swing around anywhere - they only engage the ground if you pick up the handles when you want to move.  That was pretty cool, but there was more to it...
  Another interesting benefit became clear when the handles are mounted in the reverse direction as opposed to the usual obvious 'from the rear' standpoint.  When these are mounted with the carry handles at the eyepiece side where observing is done, they become a real nice long lever to move the scope in azimuth left-and-right.  It became immediately easier to move the scope to track in the left or right direction by using the transporter handle instead of the scope tube!  Especially when the scope tube is at the higher angles toward the zenithal UP positions.  Then by golly, the handle of course moves along with the telescope rotation so is always out of the way, and acts like a guard for people (especially smaller children) to prevent them from bumbling into the tube assembly itself.  I liked all of this beneficial bonus value stuff immensely, it's just not the kind of thing you think about when selling or purchasing a set of Transporters, but the simple extra benefits are certainly nice to have!

TECH2000 Heavy-Duty Transport Platforms (Dolly Cart Platform Style for Dobs and/or Tripods)
Super strong swivel wheeled platforms roll your equipment out, then stabilize it with the outside corner screw-jacks, no unloading.
Paved or reasonably hard-surfaced pathways only, these do not climb or descend patio ledges and thresholds like the Transporters above will.
Specify outer dimension of your telescope base, and whether it is round or square or a tripod mount.
For a square ground board we use an Isosceles triangle, equilateral for round ground boards or tripods (as shown in the photo).
You may screw this dolly under your scope or simply rest on the pads as desired, using the provided hardware.

300 LB Max... #TransDolly $128 (custom specify size as described above--same price for all sizes)

TECH2000 Heavy-Duty Transporter™ Cases
Low Cost Wheeled Cases with Exact-Fit Foam Lining

- Protect, store, transport delicate & valuable scope, mounts, parts, or other gear...exactly and cheaply!
- It's basically a foam lined mahogany ply "drop-in" crate, sized to the purpose.
- Mahogany has the reputation to resist the fungal "jungle-rot" from heavy moisture innundation like constant dew and rain, stays flexible without split or cracking, and is far more tough and versatile than the thin walled vaccum-molded shaped slick products from other suppliers who do not understand the basic physics and are also forced to make specific "larger than needed" product selection offerings since they cannot possibly make exact sizing to your needs like we can... they have tooling costs and we do not.
- Wheels and handles included.
- Every one is custom sized exactly to your equipment. You sketch the object envelope--and we size the foam and case around that envelope. This results in Minimum Bulk required to store and transport the protected equipment.
- Yet this is far more protective than a "padded bag" approach that ends up being about the same cost anyway.
- Stores in a lay-down or vertical position (minimizing the transport volume required and the floor footprint space).
- Any color, or plain-or-stain heavy varnish coatings.
- Minimum inch-thick foam interior surround. Extra foam sheets are provided loose for the user to cut&tuck or tack in place with simple wood glue dabs if desired.  This allows variable-snugness to accomodate things like moveable ring-mount cradles or the presence/removal of large diagonals etc.  (no more requiring pluck-foam cubes which we don't like using ourselves, and users always had difficulty with on many other case products in the past).
- 200 LB Max.
- Not premium but compare the 4x price with any other telescope equipment custom case manufacturers! We make them "Gorilla-tough and pretty-enough" at a fraction.
- And rarely would you find wheels on any of those "premium-priced" producers as well.

#TransCase-XYZ  $250  One price all sizes (less than many occulars!), custom product, UPS shipping extra.

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