Hot water at Ultra-High efficiency on any sink/lav/kitchen/basins.

Lifetime elements and all installation connections are included.

Simple DIY install for Home, Gardens, RV, Business, or Cabins & Remote Locations too!


LGWH9  $99  Half-gallon "always-at-the-ready" undersink tank runs on any AC/DC source from 1 to 16 volts (max. 800mA @ 12VDC or 12VAC rms), includes all compression connections and faucet tubing for immediate installation on any standard North-America sink.  You can directly connect any of our Suburban~Wind power generators to these up to three sinks at a time with no converting or other interface device requirements at all and it will create hot water even in low wind without any backup power connection.  Anytime your rotor is turning - hot water is being produced.

LGWH9T  $114  For regular home/business use without any alternate energy input.  Same as above but includes a 120VAC/60Hz power module for direct plug-in to an AC outlet when you are not intending to use an alternate energy power source.  Just like any normal small water heater tank with an AC cord, except this one is ultra-high efficiency!

LGWH9C  $128  Mobile Camping/Hunting/Fishing model.  1-qt tank fills from top like a coffee urn, with water spigot on the side bottom to draw the hot water from.  Includes a fused automotive cigarette-lighter cord with illuminated LED.  Same ultra-high efficiency insulation so it works well and holds water hot for long periods when unplugged in cold temperature environments.

100% Made In USA

About "Lean-Green" hot water tanks...

  • Perfect for any sink/lav/wash/basin in any home or business place in the world.  With or without an existing hot water tank.

  • Perfect for a wide variety of 0-16v alternate energy power sources DC or AC.  It will suck-up power whenever it is available above zero volts.

  • Home and business use... Get instant hot water at every sink and wash-basin for a maximum of $1 per month.  More common is $0.30 per month and we like to call it "Penny-A-Day" hot water.  With these units you don't have to worry about how often you use it or how long - since we electronically limit both the high and low power consumption budget internally in the water heater unit and you have a limit also on how fast you draw out the hot water when you are using it.  No matter what you do or how you use it... your cost will not exceed those figures. The operating cost figures are based on a national standard average of 10-cents per kwh electricity bill, areas in California could go as high as 25-cents per kwh so those people are the ones paying the 'big-bucks' to operate our water heaters - so those people will have to pay the full dollar-per-month operating cost on each of our units they have installed.

  • Ultra efficient and ultra low cost too. These have 14-times higher efficiency than typical "Eviro-Temp" mainstream model water heaters.  We use double the insulation of any "high-performance" tank manufacturer.  And we also use the same highest-performance insulation available in this industry.  Plus these tanks expose about 1/7th the outer lossy-surface of a typical 30 gallon high-efficiency tank.

  • Cheap to buy and super-simple DIY installation under any lav or kitchen sink or wash basin.  It really is so simple.

  • Lifetime elements - you will never replace a failed or corroded water heater element again.  Our tanks have NO IMMERSION elements, carefully devised to do the function and with no contact in the water, our energy elements have absolutely no contribution to your water contamination budget and due to our methods of thermal coupling, our elements also will not fail during a lifetime of use.  This costs us more to do but we are picky on these points and unlike any normal water heater manufacturer we would rather make it perfect and long-lasting.

  • The tank will never have corrosion problems - brass is the only metal used and no compromise otherwise, and no replacing of sacrificial annodes.  You will never own a hot water tank that has these important features again.  And you will never replace it.

  • Using our simple methodology in 'Lean~Green' thinking here, just one of these tanks will cut your existing hot water tank energy usage easily by 10-times.  Based on a typical sink of a home or business requiring 2.5 gallons of cold pipe water just to convey a quart of hot water for every hand wash or shave etc. etc.  Then figure in our standard 14x efficiency boost on losses in our superior tank design... that's 140-times improvement!  Its going to make a serious impact on the carbon-footprint for the planet but also seriously improve your own out-of-pocket costs for many years to come.

  • No kidding - this is real good stuff designed, tested, and manufactured entirely in USA !!!

These Lean~Green water heating products are so revolutionary in thinking and design - we offer a "no-questions-asked" money-back guarantee for your entire lifetime.  Send any Lean~Green water heater unit back to us undamaged with a copy of original invoice and we will send you a check for full purchase price.

Because of this excellence-in-design...


We also design and develop custom solutions for special applications, and products you may intend to market. We are a wide-focus global design & manufacture center providing a host of custom departmental support functions for your business as well as turn-key projects, or products, from concept to production.  Advanced electrical & electronic products, intelligent machine & gaging/test systems, machining, fabrications, and "box build" assembly in consumer, commercial, industrial, military, & aerospace fields. Since 1987 - if you can think it - we can build it.

For OEM manufacturers and retail buisnesses, we custom manufacture parts, sections, controls, subassemblies, or complete product tested and in-box for drop ship to your location or direct to the end-customer.  A complete provisioning and order fulfillment service in a one-stop location... that's easy... that's AREA-51 !!!  Since 1987, we have produced hundreds of products and support functions for dozens of  companies from small startups to fortune-500 giants... one part to many thousands... and dollars to millions in contract manufacturing.

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